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    Creating Smiles That Matters

    It all started with a big heart in this world. It comes from a heart to help others in the field of dentistry and to bring out the passion and the happiness for others. I believe each individual are all here for a reason, although not all of us have found the reason they are looking for yet, but whatever it is, one of the main reasons is about helping and making other people’s life easier and happier. And this is what Smileway Dental stands for.

    Medical and dental treatments are getting more and more expensive these days, and we are always bond to the fact that cheap services will compromise on the quality of care and the quality of materials used. That is not the case when I build Smileway. Smileway means to give our Best Care and Best Quality Services with affordable dental care. It is about reaching out to the people around us and giving them the best. All our staffs are trained to serve our customers and our patients the best care possible. If you would want us to assess your smile for 1 Dental Gorgeous Smile you can always click here. This is where we are able to change your dental smile in just one visit.

    Our Treatment

    Cosmetic Dentistry

    Cosmetic dentistry is dentistry focus on creating a change to your teeth and to your smile. It is a positive change to your appearance for your lifetime.  Our Cosmetic Dentist Dr Jon Low, can perform varieties of procedures to improve the aesthetic outcome of your smile.

    Dental Implant

    Dental implants are a fix replacement tooth roots that is  to support an artificial tooth like structure.  It is another way to replace missing teeth. Success rate of dental implants are about 98%  and with proper care it can last for a very long time.


    Dentures are also know as false teeth, and they are removable prosthetic devices constructed to replace your missing teeth. Dentures can be partial dentures or complete dentures.

    Teeth Whitening

    In the pass and even today, some of us always think that to achieve a Hollywood smile takes lots of money and time. This is because previously it is done with cosmetic reconstructions and also with porcelain veneers.

    Crowns & Bridges

    Dental Crowns are made where a filling may not be the recommended solution due to severe decay or damage to a tooth is severe. In such cases, the entire surface of the tooth can be covered and reinforced with dental crowns to increase the strength and the longevity of the tooth.

    More Treatments

    Browse here to know more about our dental treatments…

    Dental Advice

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    • My Gum Is Getting Better!

      "Doctor is very nice, patient and friendly. He will suggest the best solution for you before jump to conclusion. I visited different dentist clinic for Periodontitis problem. All dentists suggested me to go through operation. But Doctor Low suggested to do deep cleaning and follow up. My gum is getting better. Thank you Dr.Low and all the employees work at SmileWay. You guys are friendly and nice."

    • Love The Great Hospitality!

      "Since the first time I came to see the dentist, I am really happy of how the Doctor helps me in terms of giving me advices about what should do with my teeth. This is the best experience I had ever since. Thank you for always making me feel so welcomed and happy when I am here. I am looking forward to always do any treatment here. Thank you Dr. Jon now I can smile beautifully. Love the great hospitality!"

    • Smile With Confidence!

      "Thank you Dr. Jon Low for giving me the smile that I always wanted. I feel very satisfied with my teeth. I feel very confident when I smile."

    • Five Star Treatment!

      "I would like to rate this dental clinic for a five-star treatment. Unlike most dental clinics that I had visited before, Dr Jon Low is the best so far. Not only he treated me gently but he also answered all of my questions prior to my treatment. This dental clinic is highly recommended."

    • Highly Recommended.

      "A very patient Doctor. Very careful as well.Highly recommended."

    • Friendly Staff & Doctor.

      "All the staff and doctor are good and friendly."

    • Friendly.

      "Dr Jon is very friendly and very happy with the service."​

    • Excellent Attention!

      "Excellent attention and care given by Dr Jon Low not excluding all his staff as well. Absolutely felt very comfortable even on the "chair" unlike other dental clinics.Thank you".

    • Layanan Terbaik.

      "Saya suka cara layanan mereka dengan merawat gigi saya. Cara rawatan yang cukup bagus dan tidak terlalu sakit untuk gigi saya. Saya pasti akan datang dan ulang rawatan gigi dekat SmileWay Dental Clinic ini lagi."

    • Friendly Service.

      " Staff service is good and friendly. Doctor giving the best service and treatment all the time."
    • Yeay! Thank You So Much Dr. Jon!

      "The first time I came here for Scaling and I am very satisfied with the service, advised and treatment received. Dr Jon is very patient and very honest, made me comfortable during treatment. I came here again for the second and I received consistent, good service! Dr. Jon able to made me calm and no pain during the treatment. I'm not afraid to see dentist anymore. Yeay! Thank you so much Dr.Jon!."

    • Kind and Patient.

      "The doctor here is very kind and patient towards his patients. Explains everything to patient clearly."​