1. What is causing or contributing to my problem?

  • Everybody wants to know what has cause the problem they are facing. The reason for this question is to ask what is the root cause to your dental problems. Asking this you will have the answer to what cause your problems. Sometimes the cause of the problems you are facing might not the tooth but it can be your overall health, an example could be bad breath.

2. What is your recommendation to my problem?

  • This is the main reason we go to the dentist when we have a problem that needs to be solve in our mouth. By asking this question you are getting the best treatment possible you can for your situation, and at the same time you know that this is the treatment a dentist will perform to him/her self if were their own teeth.
3. How long will the treatment last?

  • This is a question where it is very different from one to another. By asking this question, you will know average how long the treatment will last and also how many visits. This way you can schedule your time properly with the dentist so that together you can plan a better treatment.

4. What kind of materials do you use?

  • There are many materials the dentist uses. Usually follow by this question you should ask whether or not the doctor is using toxic materials. Some old materials are toxic to our body and best avoided as we have other alternatives. When you ask this question you can avoid having toxic materials placed in your mouth avoiding long term health problems.

5. Are there any other types of treatments to my problems?

  • It is always good to have recommendations from the doctors. But you would want to know what other options of treatment are there for you. There are always advantages and disadvantages to all types of treatments. So by asking this question you are more aware of what type of treatments you can have making it easier to decide which treatment you prefer.

6. What is the estimated cost and are there any payment plans?

  • If a dental clinic doesn’t have the price list posted up in their clinic, you should always ask for the cost of the treatment before any treatment procedures is done. This why you know your estimated cost and there are no payment or cost suprises. Especially when it is a multiple visit treatment, the exact total cost will be difficult to calculate but at least you would know the estimated cost. Ask for payment plans if they have any. Some of us are shy to ask dentist for price, but you can always ask the receptionist for the price of the treatment.
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