We eat to prevent hunger. We exercise to prevent from getting ill. We take care of our kids to prevent them from going to the wrong path in life. Whatever we want in life, whatever path we choose, all depends on us and our decision. We always want that is best for ourselves and for everyone. We know how to prevent an illness or any sickness but how many of us really go and look into it? We know why and how to prevent a disease from happening, but do we personally work towards it? ​

​Every human being in this world is important, and so it is important to understand the importance of keeping ourselves healthy and also keeping the illness and disease away from our bodies. Little things we seldom see or notice and if not taken care and proper maintenance it can harm our health. It can start illnesses in our body, it can even contribute to worsening of the disease we are having, and it can hinder our immune system to fight off the disease.

​Many of us understand the importance of our teeth and our health, but if we were to look beyond that we would understand that the condition of our gums can be a big problem in our daily lives, because it has an indirect effect in our health contributing to so many diseases. So it is important to have good healthy gums. Today we will like to share some of the most important disease that unhealthy gums can indirectly worsen the conditions. This is mainly due to infections and inflammations surrounding your gums. ​

Heart Disease (Cardiovascular Disease) / Stroke:

People with gum infections have twofold higher risk of heart disease attack than people who had little or no gum infections. And it is strongly believe that the infections and inflammations from the gums travel to our blood vessels, narrowing the blood flow causing heart attacks or even strokes.


People with diabetes have more gum disease than those without diabetes. In fact gum diseases can raise your blood sugar levels giving it more difficult to control your sugar level.

Kidney Disease

Chronic inflammation may cause a thread to your kidney and may indirectly cause kidney disease.

Premature Birth

When you are pregnant and have severe gum disease, you are in a higher risk having baby that is born too early or too small. During pregnancy there are hormonal changes which can also worsen your gums.

Respiratory Disease

There are around 500 different bacterial species in our mouth, and having bad bacteria in our mouth could be aspirated into our lungs, giving a higher risk of respiratory problems.

​There are many more others diseases that our gums can contribute. So it is very important to keep our mouth healthy and clean, because lesions and even infection in the oral cavity have an immerse impact in to our health and our quality of life. If you have disease like periodontal disease it should be treated as soon as possible to avoid other complications from happening. That is why it is important to visit your dentist regularly to have your gums and teeth checked. ​

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