What Are The Benefits Of Your Dental Floss?

Regular use of toothpaste removes plaque, helping prevent plaque formation, which can cause tooth decay. Just flossing your teeth can make them look brighter by removing plaques and excess food particles that can’t be seen in the mirror or where your toothbrush can’t reach. Daily floss not only keeps your teeth healthier, but maintaining good oral hygiene can also contribute to your health in other ways as well. It also helps prevent tooth decay and can reduce the risk of gum disease by removing plaque.


  1. Preventive Oral Care

Many bacteria and other germs can be found in your mouth cavity. No matter how good you care for your teeth, there is always bacteria and food residue trapped between your teeth, especially if you don’t take care of them by controlling your diet and practicing proper oral hygiene habits like brushing and flossing. When done properly, flossing helps remove debris and bacterial food from areas that cannot be cleaned properly. Normal floss also disrupts bacteria from becoming plaque, which is a sticky layer of yellowish substance and damages your teeth from time to time.

  1. Prevent Tartar from forming

Plaques do not take long to accumulate on your teeth. When the plaque is left without cleaning, it can harden into tartar. Daily floss will help to remove plaque from your teeth and prevent the formation of tartar on the gum line.

  1. Prevent bad breath

Food residues trapped between the teeth and the gum line may contain bacteria that cause unpleasant odor. Daily floss can help eliminate bad odors from your mouth, while maintaining a fresh breath and teeth free from harmful food particles.

  1. More Effective Than Self Brushing

brushing teeth and flossing together to maintain your dental hygiene. If you only brush your teeth but do not floss, it is like washing the outside of your drinking glass but ignoring the inside wall. In contrast to toothbrushes, tooth floss can effectively remove food residues found in the teeth and bacteria that are trapped in tight spaces between your teeth and gums.

  1. Prevent Gum Disease

Unfortunately, plaque doesn’t just stain your teeth or look bad. When you are not looking after your teeth, you have allowed plaques to build which can cause gum disease. Gum disease refers to inflammation and infection of the gums. When plaque slowly eats and destroys your soft tissue tissue, it causes what is known as periodontal disease. A sophisticated form of periodontal disease, called periodontitis, can lead to severe damage and root canal problems. With the use of floss, it can clean the gums and remove any food residue that is stuck in the gums.

These are some of the steps you can take to have a stronger and healthier tooth.  After all, we all want to make sure we are problem free and we can enjoy our life and food for many years. In Smileway Dental Clinic USJ and Smileway Dental Clinic Setapak we take care of your smile because we believe in “Creating Smiles That Matters” in your life. Take care everyone.

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