Let me start this by saying this, “Prevention is better than cure.” Everyone knows this quote and I can say that we can use this in our daily living in terms of looking into our medical or dental health. Talking about prevention in dental field, what the dentist doing to prevent further decay is by doing filling. Dentists do fillings to remove the decayed area and filled it with filling materials. But what are the filling materials that dentists commonly used?

Over the years, dentists used Black Silver Fillings or commonly known as Amalgam Fillings to fill the cavities. What is Black Silver Fillings or Amalgam Fillings? Well, it’s a combination of silver, mercury, tin and copper. As I have said, dentists used this kind of fillings as an effective way of filling cavities. Why? First, it’s cheaper, secondly, it really last long because it is strong, hard and durable.

A study came out and questioned if using Amalgam as a filling is safe or not. The study found out that the mercury vapors present in this type of filling material is continuously being released from the moment you have this filling on your mouth and this vapor will be stored in our body. They said that the longer the black silver fillings are left in your mouth the higher the amount of mercury is being released. The mercury vapor is released every time we eat, chew, grind and brush our teeth, therefore increasing mercury deposit in our body.

In addition to this, through time Amalgam filling expands and because of this it gives more stress on your teeth that’s why tooth cracks and cause pain in the end. They also linked the mercury vapor being released and retained in our body particularly in our brain, kidney, lung, liver and gastrointestinal tract which leads to different health diseases. Its best consult the dentist regarding this matter and it will be your decision to choose if you want to have it or not.

Whatever study says the best filling in the world is not to have any fillings at all. It’s 100% safe. All you need to do is to take good care of your teeth. Maintain the good oral hygiene and visit your dentists for further checkup and do professional cleaning.​

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