Oftentimes, people weigh in which treatment they would go for. Are they going to do dental bridge or a dental implant? This article will help you to make up your mind on which of the two you would go for. Dental Bridges are used to bridge the gap between one or more missing teeth. You can do bridge if the adjacent teeth have large fillings and will be needing crowns or bridge in the future.

Pros and Cons of Dental Bridge
➢ Simple Procedure
It doesn’t need any surgery unlike implants, lot less painful. It is only a simple procedure.
➢ Faster
It would only take few weeks to get a dental bridge, faster than implant where you need four months to finish the whole process.

➢ Affordable
Cheaper than dental implant

➢ Damage Natural Teeth
Adjacent teeth need to be prepared in order to fabricate a bridge.

➢ Unaesthetic ally Pleasing
Bridge is not as aesthetically naturally looking as dental implants.

Dental Implant is a titanium post that supports a crown. It can do individually replacing missing teeth without affecting other teeth.

➢ Natural Looking
Dental implants look and function like a natural tooth. They are strong and durable.

➢ No Strain on other Teeth
Dental implants stand on its own so it doesn’t give any strain on other teeth unlike dental bridge

➢ Surgery
Dental Implants need a surgery, unlike bridge; dental implants will need a surgery that sometimes may lead to infection, nerve damage and jaw fractures.

➢ Time
Unlike dental bridge, dental implants needs a longer time in order to finish the whole process. Four months until the gums are totally heal and only the time can do the prosthetic part.

➢ Cost
Nowadays, the price for dental implant is not as cheap as dental bridge. But if you are talking of durability and longevity, dental implant is the best way of replacing missing teeth. It might be expensive but it will last as 30 years or more.

Still having doubts, come and visit our clinic. We are doing the dental bridge and dental implant.

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