A cavity may appear on your teeth without you noticing it. Cavity is a hole or a depression present on the outer layer of your teeth and may lead pain and sensitivity of your teeth.


Cavities may form when bacteria sticks to your teeth and produces acidic byproducts to dissolve the surface of your teeth. When the cavities are not fixed and continue to progress, it will burrow deeper into the tooth which leads to mild or moderate sensitivity when you are taking cold or hot food. If no preventive measures are taken at this stage, the cavity will continue on a path till it reaches the nerves and blood vessels of your teeth which leads to pain and discomfort.


Formation of cavities do not occur spontaneously and are caused by bacteria sticking to the tooth for a long period of time. A sweet or protein rich diet may further accelerate the progress of cavity formation. Poor oral hygiene is the leading cause of cavities and caries in teeth which leads to tooth decay. When you start feeling sensitivity or pain in your teeth, it may be a sign that you have a cavity in that particular tooth.


To prevent caries formation, the best way is to maintain good oral hygiene such as brushing teeth, using dental floss after every meal and usage of mouthwashes. Dietary restraints such as avoiding sweet food and drinks can also halt the formation of cavities. 


At SmilewayDental, we aim to prevent cavity formation and treat them at the early stages to save your natural teeth and maintain your smile and confidence. If you have any questions about your dental conditions, do not hesitate to call and set an appointment for a consultation to help you take better care of your teeth.

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