Giveback Day Winner Announcement

Smileway Giveaway is something that we believe in giving back to the people and this is what we do. If you ever have any treatment from 25th of May to 25th of June 2019, we are giving this Giveaway because in Smileway we believe that creating smiles matters in peoples’ life.

Smileway Visits Rumah Ozanam

We love to see the smiles on people’s faces when we helped them. We love to go to different orphanage. We want to help because we know this acting isn’t going to last forever, and we want to make world a better. It’s another way to make people smile. Thank you Rumah Ozanam for your warm welcome to us it is always a pleasure to help those kids. Smileway will always do our best

Toothbrush Distribution

It was indeed one of the tiring days for everyone in giving toothbrushes to everyone. Well done to us Smileway Family for the amazing work! Seeing people smiles in their faces after receiving the toothbrush are so touched. This feeling what Money can’t buy! Keep it up and continue helping other people because is the right things to do in this world.