Dental emergencies are fairly common in children and adults. They include bleeding from mouth due to an injury or getting hit it the face, cracked and broken teeth and oral infection.

  • Bleeding from the mouth/Mouth injury

getting hit in the mouth or falling on your face can cause injuries to the mouth. If you notice bleeding from a mouth injury, important to perform first aid and travel to dentist right away.

  • Cracked or broken tooth

broken teeth can occur from bitting hard food or candy or getting hit in the mouth. If you have cracked tooth, important to find the pieces and visit the dentist so that the tooth can be repaired.

  • Abscesses/Infection

Abcesses and infection typically occur as the result of poor oral hygiene and gum disease.

  • Knocked Out Teeth

Experiencing one or more knocked out teeth is dental emergency. This often occur due to getting hit in the face or having jaw impact a hard object. If you save the knocked out teeth and get the dentist quickly, the teeth may be able to be reimplanted.

First aid for dental emergency often involves reducing pain and swelling and finding any chips or knocked out teeth so that can be inserted back into the mouth. They are some first aid can apply before you travel to your dentist,

  • Cold Compresses and Pain Medication

For mouth injury, swelling and toothache, it may help to place a cool, wet washcloth or ice pack to the side of the face. Additionally, you can take pain medication, like paracetamol or use an oral anesthetic to help reduce pain while you travel to dentist.

  • Rinsing the Mouth

Mouth injuries, oral infection, abscesses and toothaches may benefit from being rinsed with warm salt water, which can help alleviate pain and help draw out any infection. However , you still need to see your dentist.


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