Have you ever experience having a tooth pain but it doesn’t have any signs and symptoms that it has any cavity. It hurts every time you chew, every time you bite it hurts, every time you drink cold and hot drinks you feel so sensitive. If all these are happening, then you might have a cracked tooth.

Cracked tooth occurs when a tooth has a crack that even taking an x-ray can’t easily be determined and sometimes it can be a challenge for the Dentist to identify. Unfortunately, there are some signs that you can even identify by yourself if you are having crack teeth.

Signs and Symptoms of Cracked Tooth

  1. There’s a pain when you chew and bite especially after you release the bite.
  2. There is sensitivity to hot, cold and sweets.
  3. There is an on and off pain.
  4. There is a swelling on the gum around the affected tooth.

Below is some of the reason why you might have Cracked Tooth

  1. People who grind and clench their teeth
  2. Teeth with large fillings
  3. Pressure from teeth grinding
  4. Teeth that had undergone Root Canal Treatment before, or during Root Canal Treatment.
  5. Our teeth weakens as we age, crack tooth may build up as tooth gets weaker.

There are many ways to treat a crack tooth.

  1. Filling. The Doctor might be able to save it by doing the filling or bonding which can be done by using restorative resin to fill the crack and restore the look and function of the tooth.
  2. Crown. Doctor can do a dental crown. It is a cap that covers and protects the tooth. It serves as a strong cap for your tooth. Without the cap, a damaged cracked tooth won’t be able to withstand the pressure of biting.
  3. Root Canal Treatment, if in case the tooth has a crack that has extended all the way to the pulp (the vital structure of your tooth), the tooth should be treated through root canal treatment.
  4. Dental Implants, in case the crack of your tooth extend all the way to the gum line, there will be no other way to treat it but extraction and have a dental implant to replace the extracted tooth.

Please do not ignore if you are experiencing the problems of a crack tooth. Even though it is difficult to save a crack tooth, but leaving it untreated can cause infection in the future. That is why one should let your dentist check and advice the best treatment that will suit you. In Smileway Dental Clinic Usj, we always recommend prevention rather than cure. Visit your dentist twice every year, so that they can detect early signs of any mouth diseases and that it is not yet too late to save that crack tooth.

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