As a human being living here, we want the best for everyone and for ourselves. Most of us do not want the person to follow our footsteps but to find and create their own way, because live is interesting and should be full of different wonders. All we can do is to guide them to their path. This is the same as going through your smile design dental program. Click here to find out more about Smile Design Makeover Program.

Smile Design Makeover program in SmileWay USJ Dental Clinic is a program where you can personalize your smile. Customize your smile to the way you want it. You can change the shape, size, and the color of your teeth according to how you personally like it. Different people have different wants and needs, so Smile Design Makeover is to meet those expectations. We believe everyone loves to go out and have a beautiful smile. Meeting up with friends and making their lives full of happiness.

Each person has their own personality. And creating your smiles according to your personality is a great way to express yourself to the people around you and yourself. For example, people who are more masculine might love to have their teeth slightly rectangular as it shows the masculine nature. A person who is more passive in their life would like to have their teeth slightly Rounder. A person who likes to have “Rabbit Teeth” would have slightly longer Front teeth. Some people who like to have their teeth very white while others would like it to look more natural white. All these can be customized to your personality and you liking.

It would be boring in the world if human being would only have 1 thing. Just imagine if everyone is the same, if everyone looks the same way. This would make the world not interesting at all. The variation of things like culture, believes, priorities, ideas, and our wants and needs makes this world an exciting adventure. And that is the reason for different creations, ideas, and innovations. It brings out the life of this world, and the vast experiences we can enjoy. Personalizing your smile by changing how your teeth look is a way to bring out your expression to the world.

So do start personalizing your teeth to the way you love it. It is one of the ways to show your expression to the world. Have your complimentary assessment done by our smileway dental doctors. Do not worry as there aren’t any charges to the assessment. Just fill up the form online and send in your pictures and you are on your way to a better Smile. Click here for the assessment form: Smile Assessment Form

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