We always want the best for others and for ourselves. This is because we want to fill the people around us with happiness and positive thoughts. In Smileway Dental we treat our customers with the greatest care because we want you to receive the best. Sometimes the best not necessary means the best treatment and despite extractions is known as the last option treatment, sometimes extraction is unavoidable. This may be due badly broken tooth, unrestorable tooth, very loose tooth, preventing other complications due to medical treatments like radiotherapy or chemotherapy, expenses of other treatments, and many more reasons where tooth extraction is unavoidable.

Not only until 1884 the 1st dental anesthetic was introduce and even then it was using cocaine, which came to be very addictive. So we can imagine that dental extractions at that time in the year 1700 were very painful indeed. ​

In the past, doctors were to use dental pelican for extraction and not only in the 18th century it was replaced with dental key and later on in the 20th century the replacement of forceps took place. Thanks to technology and innovations, and time passes we have many other ways to treat teeth now.

Dental forceps are the instrument used today widely, and it is very effective, and less traumatic to the bone surrounding the tooth.

The improvement in technology and techniques to extract teeth, it is now easier to perform less traumatic extractions compare to the ancient ways. However it still depends on the seriousness of the tooth infection and the morphology of the tooth itself that would decide if it can be done with simple or complex type of extractions. Extractions can vary from very simple to very difficult, and the more difficult it is the more complication may arise.
In Smileway Dental we view extraction as the last option treatment. This is because as technology improves we have others ways to treat tooth before resort to extraction. (Examples: Root Canal TreatmentCrowns) If all means necessary and extractions are unavoidable, the procedures will be done in the utmost care to preserve the bone structures surrounding the tooth, as our Doctors are trained well to handle simple to tough extractions.
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