Maxillofacial surgeons also known as oral surgeons, are trained to handle a variety of conditions and injuries that affect the head, neck, mouth, jaw, and face.


What does a maxillofacial surgeon do?

Correct misaligned jaws

Our upper and lower jaws are in a position where we can have our teeth position nicely in our mouth. However, some people have upper or lower jaws that are not in ideal condition, either too far backward or forward. This jaw correction can be done by surgeons for cosmetic or functional purposes.

Removal of Impacted wisdom tooth

High difficulty wisdom tooth surgery that involves the nerves can be done by surgeons.

Oral reconstructive surgery

This is usually done for patients with oral cancers or serious injuries to head and neck in traumatic accidents. Surgeons will help to repair, align and construct back the area.

Dental implants

Oral surgeons can also do dental implants.

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