Tooth pain during pregnancy may occur due to inadequate care and brushing of teeth. Dental emergencies that occur during pregnancy should be treated if the condition shows no signs of improving.

Dental X-rays during pregnancy can be taken due to low dosage of radiation paired with protective equipment such as lead aprons and targeted exposure that is only limited to the head and neck region which prevents exposure to the developing baby. Dental X-rays for wisdom teeth extraction is necessary to prevent any damage to underlying nerve and structures. For normal extraction of teeth, dental x-rays may not be necessary unless the condition requires it.

The best time to get teeth extracted when pregnant is during the second trimester. During the first trimester, the fetus is undergoing organogenesis which is developing organs. During the third trimester, baby is undergoing growth and its size will increase. The increase in size of the fetus will cause pressure to build in your chest cavity and cause discomfort when sitting on the dental chair for long periods of time.

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