Endodontics also known as root canal treatment is a procedure where teeth with irreversible damage or infection are treated to remove the cause of the infection and restore the teeth to its functional condition.

In the event where teeth is damaged or infected, there will be manifestation of symptoms and findings such as pain, swelling, pus leaking from gums, bad breath and even discoloured tooth. These conditions will require root canal to help retain original teeth in the oral cavity and prevent replacement of missing teeth with artificial counterparts. Saving the teeth with root canal is better as you are able to reuse your original teeth once treatment is completed successfully. By cleaning out infected materials and bacteria from the root of your teeth, healing is able to take place in a sterile environment which will slowly return the teeth and surrounding structures to its functional condition and allow you to eat and speak normally.

However, some root canals may not be able to last a lifetime and may need to be retreated to prevent the subsequent infection of the tooth. With each additional root canal treatment, success of the treatment reduces as bacteria are able to resist the treatment and will remain persistent even after treatment. In this event, a treatment called apicectomy is required to remove infected parts of the root and allow the bone and surrounding structures to heal normally.

Prevention is always better than cure. At Smileway Dental, we believe that early detection and treatment is able to prevent further progression of dental pathologies and help maintain a healthy smile. Creating smiles that matter.

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