Root canal treatment is needed when the root canals or pulp (the innermost layer of teeth), which houses nerves and blood vessels is inflamed or infected. The pulp can get infected with bacteria due to injury or untreated cavity.

When this occurs, normal filling could not curb the problem.  Root canal treatment or RCT has to be done.

Root Canal treatment is the process of disinfecting and shaping of the root canals. After which a filling is placed into the space and sealed with rubber based filing material called Gutta Percha, to prevent further bacteria colonization.


  1. Local anaesthetic will be administered to numb the area. A dental dam will be placed prior to the procedure.
  2. A small drill will be used to access the pulp of tooth by creating an opening from the top of tooth. After that, files will be used to remove infected pulp alongside antimicrobial irrigation to wash away the diseased tissue.
  3. Once the root canal is cleaned and dried, it will be filled and sealed with Gutta Percha. Filling material will be used to fill the upper portion of tooth, while waiting for the permanent crown.

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