Sensitive teeth are a condition when teeth feel pain or discomfort in the mouth as a response to certain stimuli such as hot or cold temperature.

However, sometimes it can be other factor such as tooth decay (cavities), cracked tooth or side effects of excessive teeth whitening.

Sensitive teeth may cause by;-

  • brushing too hard
  • improper brushing technique
  • grinding your teeth at night
  • high intake of acidic food

Sensitive teeth can be controlled with this management;-

  • Use a soft or medium toothbrush
  • Use fluoridated mouthwash daily
  • Use anti-sensitivity toothpaste or toothpaste for sensitive teeth
  • Brush your teeth using the correct technique of brushing
  • Do dental check-up at least once in six months
  • Avoid teeth grinding, can consider getting a night guard if habitual grinding is severe

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