About The Treatment

COMPONEERS, are different new class of veneers which are pre-fabricated nano hybrid composite enamel shells. Since they are pre fabricated, the dentist is able to produce an exceptionally good​ result of a natural white teeth for you in just one visit. It is one of the best way to change the color and correct slight defects on your teeth.

A normal 6 teeth veneers or even 1 tooth veneer normally takes at least 2 visits or more and the cost are much higher than Componeers. Componeers is another alternative solution to get your natural white teeth obtaining great results with affordable cost. You do not need to spend tens and thousand of dollars to get the smile you want anymore. It gives you a quality aesthetic result in your front teeth.

The Great things about Componeers are:

  • Attractive teeth and a new smile after only one visit.
  • Very little removal of healthy tooth structure .
  • Individual, customized shaping of the front teeth.
  • High quality permanent veneering material.
  • Shine can be refreshed by polishing at any time .
  • An economically attractive solution.
  • Cheaper than Porcelain Veneers.
  • Easy to be repaired.​

Remarks From Dr. jon

Smile your way to happiness, giving you the courage, confidence, and open yourself up to this new way of smiling.

Componeers can easily last for 5 years or more, but with proper care we have patients that has last for 8 years and still doing well with this. It is a life changing experience, and very much more affordable compare to other treatments.