Dental Emergency:

An excruciating pain in the tooth can affect our daily lives and even can disturb our sleep. With all the precautions and preventions done to avoid dental emergency from happening, there are times where dental emergency still happens. If these were to happen, do not worry as Smileway Dental Clinic is always there to help you. Below are examples of Dental Emergencies. If you have any Dental Emergencies, do give us a call right away at our emergency help line : 017-6509817.

Examples of Dental Emergency:

  • Bleeding in the mouth non stop.
  • Knocked out 1 or more permanent teeth due to trauma.
  • Loose tooth due to trauma.
  • Jaw injury – Locked Jaw or Fractured Jaw.
  • Laceration wound due to trauma like accidents.
  • Painful tooth or teeth and unable to sleep.
  • Painful Swelling around the jaw or swelling getting larger.

To Relief Irritation and Reduce Swelling

Dissolve one teaspoon of salt in a mug with warm water and use it as mouth rinse. Together with painkillers you have at your home. Don’t over dose. You can also place a warm moisture tea bag at the swollen area to relief it. If this doesn’t help let us know.

Tooth Knocked Out

Immediately place your tooth completely immerse in a glass of milk or your own saliva. Do not wash the tooth with running water. If the knocked out tooth is clean and not dirty you can place it back to the socket. Get to the dentist right away!!!

Stop Swelling Or Bleeding

​Place a cold towel or even a cold pack at the swelling area or outside of the bleeding area. If you have gauze at your home bite on it for few minutes to stop bleeding. If it doesn’t help give us a ring immediately.

Laceration Wound Around The Face with Exposed Inside Of The Skin

This may be due to accident. If this happens quickly place a cold towel or even clean cloth to cover the exposed area. If the area is very dirty, don’t press the towel on that area with force as debris may penetrate deeper into the skin. Call the ambulance or go to the hospital immediately. If it is a small cut or minor laceration, you can ring us and we will rush to the clinic to help you.

Pain Surrounding Tooth

Sometimes food maybe stuck around the tooth. First use a floss to try take out the food beneath the gums. Place a cold towel or cold pack on that area. If there isn’t any relief let us know.

Tooth Pain – Severe (Unable to Sleep)

This is one of main problems we have. If the tooth is so painful take a pain killer follow by placing a cold towel or cold pack on the pain area. You can soak a cotton ball with few drops of Olive oil and Garlic clove oil and apply the cotton ball at the area of tooth pain. Call us immediately if the pain is not relieved. If the pain is relieved visit us immediately on the next day.

Locked Jaw (Unable to close the Jaw)

Sometimes it can be painful unable to close the jaw. Place a cold pack or cold towel to relief the pain and call us immediately. The doctor will see you immediately.

Remarks From Dr. jon

What should I do?

In Smileway Dental Care we treat these conditions as emergency. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, just give us a call right away. Even though the emergency condition starts at mid night 1:00am just give us a ring and the Doctor will rush to meet you at the Clinic, to help you ease your emergency condition. However there are some home remedies to help ease the condition so try these steps listed below to see if the condition improves, if it doesn’t, please contact us immediately.

These are the common cause of Dental emergency. However if you have other Dental emergency please do not hesitate to give us a call for guidance, as Smileway Dental Care is always here to help.