About The Treatment

​Root Canal Treatment is a treatment procedure to treat infection at the centre of the tooth. One of the reason for severe tooth pain is because the bacteria has already penetrate into your tooth vital structures. In another words your nerve and blood vessels of the tooth is affected by bacteria. This can cause swelling of the gums surrounding the tooth and if left untreated sometimes the swelling can get worst.

A Root Canal Procedure is a common procedure that helps in eliminating the bacterial in the centre of the tooth. This way the pain is reduced significantly, and most of the time you will feel a instant relief of the pain after Root Canal Procedure is done.

However the treatment duration depends on the severity of the tooth infection, and it is always recommended to place a prosthetic restoration like a crown at the end of the treatment to protect the tooth from cracking.

  • 1st Visit

    In Smileway Dental we understand there are many causes of tooth pain, so it is best to visit a dentist as quick as possible. As pain can sometimes quickly cause swelling. Give us a call or visit us immediately and we will try to solve your pain. If Root canal treatment is needed, the doctor will might take an x-ray to confirm if Root Canal is needed. If there is sufficient time the doctor will give you an injection to numb the area so you will instantly feel the relief of the pain. The Doctor will make an opening in the tooth and clean the canals so that the infected areas are removed. Medication will be placed into the tooth and your tooth will be filled with filling materials. Some take home medication will be prescribed for you and an appointment will be given to you for the 2nd visit.

  • 2nd Visit

    Depends on the severity of the infected tooth, your second visit may extend from 1 – 3 weeks. Your doctor might take an x-ray to confirm if everything is alright. If the tooth is not fully healed the doctor will continue wash the tooth canals of the tooth and place medication again. This will then gives more time for your teeth to heal. But if the tooth has healed, the doctor will seal the canals and filled the tooth. And the procedures for fabricating the crown will start. The doctor will prepare the tooth so that a crown will fit on it, and an appointment will be given to issue your crown.

  • 3rd Visit

    On your 3rd visit, a custom crown has already been fabricated for you. The Doctor will insert the crown to the tooth and a follow up appointment will be given so that they tooth will last long.

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