About The Treatment

You may not have heard of Smile Design Makeover. This is a program our dedicate Doctors put up knowing that there are so many doubts about oral health care people are facing. Each people’s oral care are different from one another, for example some of us are allergic to metal materials while others are not; some are allergic to seafood while others are not; some of us are more afraid of dental treatment while some of us are used to it; some of us are diabetic while others are healthy; some of us are disable while some are not, and the list goes on and on. Picture people have different health care needs, different expectations, different wants and requirements.

  • Appointment

    1st set up an appointment with our Doctors. And at the first visit the doctor will discuss with you and have a full understanding of what your needs and wants are.

  • Check Up

    After understanding you wants and needs, our Doctors will have a thoroughly check on your teeth and see what is the best suitable for you.

  • Plan Up

    Once the check up is done, our Doctors will plan in written form what is best suitable for you to achieve your desire smile. Our dedicated staff will then call you back to have an appointment with our Doctors, so that they can explain it in details with you.

  • Treatment

    Once you have understand and agreed to the Smile Design Makeover treatment plan, our Doctors will then only start the treatment. We take service as our top priority. Your treatment may vary from one person to another.

This is when Smile Design Makeover Program is born. It is an Affordable full program of what you need and wants in your dental health treatment. It is a full protocol that will take care of what you need and wants in your dental health concerns. Putting up this program took lots of work, but in Smileway Dental we are here to assist you as long as it will give you the understanding of your oral health care needs, and in the result we believe everyone deserves a great smile.

Remarks From Dr. jon

Smile Design Makeover. This is something very unique. It is a careful complete treatment program that is customized to your personal oral health care needs and to achieve the aesthetic smile you desire.

It is a protocol made by our dentist which takes in consideration of your gums, bone, teeth, face, and your lips to design the smile you want. We believe there are many approaches in getting the smile you want, and there is never always one way. Working along with you, looking in to your medical health, commitment, your needs and wants, and building out a treatment protocol for you so that to eliminate the confusion in yourself in how to get the right smile for yourself. It is brilliant, and it helps you and the dentist to keep track on how things are. Treatment time depends on individual, but sometimes it is possible to get your smile in a day or two, while others may need more time. It is wonderful way so that everyone can get the smile they always wanted.”