About The Treatment

Who doesn’t wants to have whiter teeth. We all want to have whiter teeth but most of us do not know how the process should be. There are many products that are sold outside that proves to whiten you teeth. Some of them might work while others might just even do more harm to your teeth than have any good out of it. That is why in SmileWay Dental we provide professional in office teeth whitening. How white the shade will be depends on the severity of the stains, type of stains, and even your the food you take. That is why it is important and best to have a thoroughly dental check up before any whitening procedure is done.

Overall, professional teeth whitening is a fast 1 day visit to get your white teeth in just 30 minutes. It is an inexpensive way to have that white smile you always wanted. One of the main concern of whitening teeth is sensitivity after and sometimes during the whitening procedures. However with our professional whitening we take that into account every single time, and we take steps to reduce that sensitivity.

There are few conditions where teeth whitening might not be suitable for you, as whitening does not whiten all things. Whitening does not have any effect on denture teeth, fillings, dental crowns, and dental implants. If you have those and still want to have whiter teeth, there are many other ways to do. It is best to consult us if you are wearing or having these prosthetic.

Before Teeth Whitening

After Teeth Whitening

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