There is a saying that “Smile is the best accessories that everyone can wear”, but how can we achieve that best smile for everyone if we happened to have unpleasant teeth not because of our teeth are crooked, or not aligned but because some of our teeth are flattened. What is the cause of having flattened teeth, have you happened to have this kind of this condition? If you are then this blog will help you to widen your knowledge.

Teeth Grinding or commonly known as Bruxism is a condition wherein you grind, clench your teeth. This may happen when you are awake and when you are sleeping. According to studies, they said it is related to high stress and anxiety, sleeping disorder and those people with abnormal bites.

Some questions ask if teeth grinding is bad for your teeth. Then the answer is yes. What will happen if we keep on grinding our teeth? Repeated grinding your teeth may lead you to have gum recession, tooth loss, flattened teeth, chipped tooth; worn tooth enamel that may expose layers of tooth, TMJ disorders and you may suffer from sensitivity. Other related effects of teeth grinding you may experience such as sleep disruption, ear aches, dull headaches, jaw, neck pain or soreness and tired and tight jaw muscles.

If you suspect you are grinding your teeth, you should immediately consult with your dentist to avoid further problems. Dentist will give you several options after the evaluation. Teeth grinding will not only affect one’s oral condition but will also ruin your smile. In Smileway Dental we can help you solve this kind of problem.

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