Everyone is dreaming of having a whiter, brighter teeth and who doesn’t want to have a whiter, brighter teeth? But in this case, which will be the best for you?

Let’s weigh in the teeth whitening and dental veneers that will help in achieving the dream of having whiter and brighter teeth.
Teeth whitening are one of the treatments in cosmetic dentistry wherein Doctor use a bleaching gel to whiten the teeth. This treatment targets all the discolorations on your teeth by removing all the stains. There’s a lot of whitening products available in the market, but the most proven and tested effective and safe and have the good results are the ones that’s done by the Professional dentist in dental clinics.

The results of whitening on each individual will vary on each person’s structure of the teeth. But not all individual can do whitening, we need to keep in mind those people who have sensitive teeth already may trigger more sensitivity when they do whitening. Whitening results do vary especially for those individual who have white spots on their teeth and those who have stains associated with medications.

Whitening is not a lifetime; it’s only a temporary solution. If at first you tried to do whitening and you are not happy, satisfied with the results, cheer up, there still another solution that you can do to achieve the Hollywood white you ever dreaming of. This treatment is called Dental Veneers.

Dental veneers are a thin layer of material placed over the tooth to improve the aesthetics condition of the tooth, and to protect the tooth from damaged as well. In Smileway Dental Clinic,we are providing different types of Veneers according to the patient’s needs, wants and budget as well. These are the different types of Veneers we are offering from our clinic:
Composite Veneer is the simplest, fastest and affordable types of veneers. This type of veneers can be done in one visit. This type of veneers will help you achieve the brighter, whiter white.

It can also improve the shape or your teeth, if your tooth is crooked and you have gaps in between your teeth then is the one that will be suitable for you. This will last in a span of 3-5 years or more depends on how you take care of your teeth.

Pre-Fabricated Veneers or Componeers is a second type of Veneers we are offering. This is a pre-fabricated thin shell that will stick into your teeth and shaped it according to your face, your smile and your preference. This is a much higher types of veneers and will give you a brighter, whiter, glossy tooth. This can be done in one visit too and doesn’t require any cutting of your teeth.

Porcelain Veneers is third types of veneers that we are offering. This type of veneers is the strongest of all the other types of veneers. This one can last for 10-15 years. This a stain free types of veneers.
At the end of the days it is still you that who will decide which one you prefer that will best suit you and your budget and time as well.

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