What would you like to improve about your smile? If someone would ask you this question, what would be your answer? A survey says that when people were asked this question they only have one common answer which is to whiten their teeth. Do you have the same answer? Brushing and flossing are the daily routines to keep our teeth healthy, sparkly bright and shiny white but we all know that these routines are not more than enough to achieve the white teeth we always wanted.

​Our teeth color change through times for so many reasons such as the foods and drinks we are taking. Those coffee and tea are one of the culprits in adding more discoloration from our teeth. For those who smokes cigarettes or even cigars, tobacco can stain your teeth as it contains nicotine and tar. As we age the color of our teeth change a lot. Over time, the outer enamel layer gets thinner with brushing and more of the yellowish dentin shows through. Lastly, the medications you are taking. Some of the medications you are taking may add dark spots on your teeth. With all those reasons of discoloration of our teeth, what’s the best thing to do? Everyone will say teeth whitening will help. What are teeth whitening? Does it really help?

Teeth Whitening is a chemical process which is safe and approved by the FDA. Whitening products usually contains chemicals that will help lightened the teeth. There are a lot of teeth whitening products all over the market that everyone can use to lighten or whiten the teeth. The question is, are those whitening products effective or not? Does it work on all teeth? The question is still debatable as some might work as others might not, and some might even damage your teeth and harm your health. So it is important to seek the right product and use it with caution.

What types of whitening treatment dentist used mostly? There are two common types of whitening treatment dentist used mostly, and they are In-Office Whitening and Take Home Kit. What are those? The In-Office Whitening is the safest treatment as this is done professionally and supervised and monitored by the dentist. While take home kit include a customized tray to take home to continue in completing the tooth whitening process. Whitening is effective when it is done right and best done by professional dentist or recommended by dentist. These are the only safe way to whiten the teeth. Not all whitening works on all teeth. The effectiveness of whitening products all depends on one’s condition. Yellow teeth may probably whiten well but there are some discolorations that might not remove. Teeth whitening doesn’t whiten dentures, veneers, crowns or fillings and severe tooth discoloration due to trauma or medications you are taking. The degree of whiteness will may vary from individuals depending on the condition of the teeth, the nature of the stain and the whitening system used.

So it is really best to consult your dentist before trying any whitening products as to avoid harmful effects on your teeth. Dentist will recommend the best treatment that will suit your needs and will advise if you need whitening or not. In SmileWay USJ Teeth Whitening, we provide you with the utmost care and if you ever need our recommendations please do visit us.

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