When there is an irritation to our body, our body goes through changes. It protects itself from harmful substances. Our body has its own self defense mechanism to eliminate harmful substances that has penetrated into our body system. It works very hard to get rid of bacteria or viruses that should not be in our body. Although our body has its own miracles but it needs time to eliminate those harmful substances. This process is what we call the healing process.

In SmileWay USJ Dental Clinic, when we have a surgery performed, or even a tooth extraction. We do not expect it to totally heal in just few hours or even the day after. It takes time for the body to adapt to the change and heal accordingly. For example a surgical extraction of the wisdom tooth will take around 1 or even 2 weeks to heal. Although gum healing are faster, but total healing can take as long as 3-4 months as your body needs to regenerate new bone formation.

Another example would be dental implants. After extraction and if a dental implant is unable to be placed immediately, it might take around 4 months for the body to heal and form new bone so for a dental implant can be placed. For now there isn’t any magic in a pill, and it takes time for the body to heal and adapt to the change. That is why planning ahead is very important in any treatment so that precious time are not wasted during and after the process.

In order to save a tooth, sometimes a root canal treatment may be needed. A root canal treated tooth takes times to heal. In the first visit the tooth canals are cleaned and medication is placed to help eliminate the bacteria that are around the tooth. Sometimes we have to leave the medication till as long as 1 month before finishing the treatment for Root canal treatment. If the bacteria are not eliminated, in the 2nd visit medication needs to be place again and wait for a longer healing period.

Each of us have different immune system and the ability for full healing may differ from different individuals. Some people may heal faster while others may take longer period of time. Just like some people are more prone to dental cavities while others are not. Most importantly during healing process is not to rush and allow the body to heal accordingly. Do keep in mind to work with your doctor as your doctor knows what to do, either to speed up the healing process or to sooth the process.

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