When the first tooth arrives, it is important to maintain your childrens oral health. Training a child regarding the significance of taking care of his or her teeth and gums from the start can help develop a healthy smile that can last a lifetime. 6 Tips for keeping baby teeth healthy are :-

  1. Parent need to assist the child in brushing their teeth. It is because most children can’t brush their teeth on their own yet. Be sure to clean all the surfaces of the teeth.

  2. Don’t use adult toothpaste until at least 6 years of age. Adult toothpaste has high fluoride content which may cause fluorosis if the toddler consumes the toothpaste and not spit it out.

  3. Use a baby tooth brush and a tiny smear of toothpaste for babies, and toddlers up to 3 years old, a pea sized amount for children aged 3 to 6 years.

  4. Brush teeth two times per day once in the morning and once before bed. After brushing teeth at night, do not keep the milk bottle in the mouth as drinking milk at night while sleeping will cause early childhood caries.

  5. Teach your children, which food is good and which can cause caries development. Ask them to eat healthy, limit on snacks and sugary food products.

  6. Schedule your baby’s first dental appointment around age 1 and check up every 6 months are the recommended for maintaining good oral health for your child.

As a parent, you can keep your child from getting tooth decay by starting their dental care early. We provide free dental check up and consultation. Contact Smileway Dental Clinic to make an appointment!

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