A tooth extraction should be done soon as possible If there is an infection which the tooth cannot be safe. There are many reason for extraction which can be due to Severe tooth infection, Swelling ,Tooth Mobling and Severe Tooth Decay. Dentist may recommend the tooth to be removed. After the tooth has been removed you can replace the missing tooth with Denture, Implant or Bridge. After extraction your dentist will give you some instructions for after cure, we believe is the best to be followed at all times.

– Bite the gauze around 5 – 10 minutes to stop the bleeding and replaced it with a new one, if it doesn’t.
– Be careful not to brush so hard near the extracted tooth.
– If you been prescribed with antibiotics, follow the instructions and make sure you finish the antibiotics given to you.

-Don’t be tempted to rinse the area for 24 hours after tooth removal
-Don’t eat or drink hot food, spicy foods, any kinds of seafood. You cannot feel pain while you’re numb. Take care not to bite on your tongue.
– Stop smoking or avoid alcohol for 24 hours after extraction to reduce infections in your gums.
– Try not to sneeze or do any vigorous sucking from the mouth

Usually in normal circumstances you should not feel any more pain after extraction, however if the extraction was difficult or any suturing involve you will feel slightly discomfort. Not to worry as the Dentist will prescribe some medication to you to ease the process. But if there is a severe pain and pain start get worse after two days you must go to see your dentist. It could be a dry socket .Dry socket occurs when the blood clot for healing becomes dislodged, which means that there isn’t any protection and the secret is exposed to air, food and liquid causing pain. Do not worry, all you have to do is visit your dentist and they will clean everything out. In SMILEWAY DENTAL CLINIC we try to give everybody the best, and tooth extraction is always our last option.

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