In Smileway Dental we do dentistry for your health. So ​Last week’s post was all about top 10 worst foods that can actually damage your teeth, meaning more harmful than good. Today  in this blog we are listing top 10 best foods for your teeth, but remember over eating is not advisable, as it can always damage your health.
1. Cheese

In normal circumstances, when we eat our PH in the mouth reduces and becomes acidic. Bacteria love acidic environment, as this will increase the risk of tooth decay. However as research published in 2013 says that eating cheese actually raises the PH in the mouth and lowered the risk of tooth decay.  Thus cheese contains high calcium, protein, and also casein where it can strengthen your tooth. When chewing cheese it increases the salivary flow in the mouth which helps in cleaning and digestion. Chewing cheese is a good choice to make your teeth strong and healthy.

2. Sugar Free gums

It is always good to carry some sugarless gum with you every time, as you do not know when you need it. After eating it is a one of the best way to help reduce cavity. Sugar-Free gum helps clean your teeth by stimulating more salivary production in your mouth. This saliva is a natural way to wash all the acids produced by the bacteria, thus sugar-free gums help in taking out debris of food that is stuck to your teeth. Most of the sugar-free gums are sweetened with xylitol and it reduces bacterial growth. Chew a sugarless gum after meals help and it can also exercise your jaw which can strengthen your jaw.

3. Milk / Soy milk / Yogurt

Milk, Soy milk, and yogurt are one of the best choices of calcium which helps in strengthening your teeth. However we do recommend choosing skimmed or low fat milk to help in your calories level. Taking too much of milk increases your calorie intake and it is not good for you. A glass of milk a day is a good start, as it also contains other minerals and nutrients like Vitamin D which is good for your overall bone health. After all they are much better than other sweetened drinks. If you are lactose intolerance, choose milk or soy milk that are low in lactose or even doesn’t contain any lactose. Milk and yogurt can also help protect your gums from gum diseases.
4. Salmon

Lots of us love to eat fish, and Salmons are especially good for your teeth. They are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. Having them in your meal can keep your bones and even your heart healthy. Remember not to take too much of this food as it can cause your mouth to stink. Vitamin D is important in your diet as it helps your body to absorb calcium and other minerals which helps in protecting your teeth and gums.

5. Water

There are so much benefits of plain water. Water helps wash away food debris and also keeps your promote salivary production. It washes down the sugar and also the acid off your teeth. In some parts of the country water may contain slight fluoride. Fluorides are minerals that helps protect your teeth from tooth erosion and tooth decay. Having too much fluoride in you is not good but having a little can help strengthening your teeth. So think twice about having soda drinks in a hot day, as having plain water instead could be a better choice.

6. Onions

The benefits of Onions are remarkable. You get a lot of benefits from it. As we all know in most of our cooking we add onion in them, this is because they taste great and we know they naturally cleanses our body and mouth from harmful bacteria. Basically they help in reducing harmful bacteria in our mouth and can help in reducing teeth and gum problems. Do keep in mind having too much of onions can give you bad breath though, so do not over eat them.

7. Apples

We all have heard that “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” Well, an apple a day keeps the bacteria away I would say. This is because apples contain high in fiber and water, which helps in cleaning out the food debris. The action of eating apples makes your mouth produce more saliva which can washing down the acids surrounding your teeth.

It is like a natural toothbrush, cleaning your teeth and at the same time prevents cavities. However, eating apples cannot substitute for brushing your teeth. You still need to brush your teeth every day.

8. Green Vegetables

Green vegetables are good for your overall health and also your mouth. Green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, bok choy, and others are good source of calcium. Having them every day in your diet can strengthen your bones and also prevent the loss of calcium in your body. Celery has good source of vitamin A and C. They are good antioxidants that will help in preventing gum diseases and also promote healthy gums. When having salads, top up some celery as it will help.

9. Almonds

Almonds are great in many ways. As being low in sugar they also contain great source of calcium and protein, which is good for your overall health and for your teeth and gums. Having a hand full of almonds to your salad or even for your snack time can help boost your health. Thus chewing almonds takes time helps in strengthening your muscles around your jaw bone, strengthening your jaw. Eating almonds from young can help the children to produce stronger jaw muscles and stronger gums. Do be careful as some almonds are really hard and can make your teeth crack.
10. Tofu

Tofu taste great and some of us cook them all the time. Tofu contains lots of minerals like calcium, protein, magnesium, and vitamin K. Having too much or too often is not good, but adding small bits of tofu in your diet can boost your health, especially for your bones.

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