Toothbrush is very important for oral health. You should know what type of toothbrush you can use which is right and suit your oral health because it will help you to clean plaque, and food stuck effectively beside can maintain your oral health properly.

There are many designs of toothbrush on the market that you can choose, but they have mainly two types.

1. Normal or manual toothbrush

You can choose many designs from the holder whether it’s long or short. It has different types of bristles which are hard, medium or soft to suit your gum condition in your mouth and maintain oral health. Generally medium and soft bristles are recommended because hard toothbrushes can be traumatic to both tooth and gums if the technique of toothbrush is incorrect.

2. Electric toothbrush

It uses battery to run and requires charging when on low power. You need to push the start button, and then the brush will rotate according to the speed that you set up. Brushing using an electric toothbrush does not require much technique as you will only need to leave the bristles on your teeth while brushing. However, electric toothbrushes may take bit more time and may take some time to get used to compare to manual toothbrushes.

3. Specialized toothbrushes

Specialized toothbrushes are required when patients are facing several dental conditions such as minor spacing between teeth and wisdom tooth that is hard to brush properly. Single tufted brushes can be used to brush wisdom teeth effectively and help prevent decay cavities because these toothbrushes are angulated and can reach further into corners of your mouth. Single tufted brushes can also brush your teeth during braces treatment as their tufts are fine and can enter through the wires to clean teeth efficiently. Interdental brushes can be used to brush small spaces in between teeth to improve oral hygiene and prevent food from getting stuck.

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