A dental abscess or swelling is basically a bacterial infection. A collection of pus that can form inside the teeth. It can occur due to infection from the teeth or gums.

Different types of abscess:

Periapical abscess
This is an abscess at the tip of a tooth’s root. Usually due to infection from tooth decay that has gone into the nerve.

Periodontal abscess
This is an abscess on the gums. It is usually due to bacterial infection around the gums. Usually you will have symptoms of gum disease at the area.

Gingival abcess
A localized infection at the gums without gum disease at the area. It can be caused by infection from a foreign body, such as toothbrush bristles which are embedded in your gums.

Perio-Endo abcess
This is a combination of both conditions mentioned above. The abscess is due to bacterial infection from the tooth and gums.

How is it treated?

1. Need to identify where the infection is coming from. Diagnosis is very important.

2. Treatment on how to get rid of the infection. This can be done through;

a. Root canal treatment or extraction for periapical abscess

b. Scaling and root debridement for periodontal abscess

c. Combination of both treatments for perio-endo abscess. If the abscess or swelling is huge, then incision and drainage is needed

3. Antibiotics

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