Nowadays there are many ways to make your teeth look nice not only straighten the alignment of the teeth but also can change the colour.

Componeers or prefabricated veneer is a thin shell made of composite in a factory which will covering the surface of your teeth.  This type is a simple and quick way to get the teeth you want without pain and can be done in 1 visit.


  • Componeer can be done in 1 visit
  • Componeer can close gap and can cover the whole surface of the teeth
  • Componeer also long lasting than composite veneer 
  • Easily to fix than porcelain veneer 
  • The price more affordable than porcelain veneer
  • The colour of componeer bright and shiny compare composite veneer
  • Componeer can reshape according to shape that we want 

If you want to get a new smile that can make you confident without through any pain and no need to wait for so long you can consider do componeer. If you want to know more, you always can come at Smileway Dental Clinic Malaysia because at here we provide many other treatment.

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