Gingivectomy is the procedure of removing gum or soft tissues around teeth. Gingivectomy is done when patients want to improve their smile or when there is excess gum tissues covering the teeth.

Considerations before Gingivectomy:

Thick gums covering your teeth
When gums has increased in size, it will often cover certain surfaces of teeth, hiding it when you smile.

Teeth looks shorter:
Increase in size of the gingiva gives tooth a shorter appearance than its original length, making teeth look more bulky and short.

Long term gingival enlargement:
Extended periods of time when gingiva remains large and does not resolve after multiple attempts of teeth cleaning and gingival modifications.

Gum deformed due to previous injury:
Injury which causes gingiva to be enlarged on certain teeth or over the ridge of your bone which causes an unnatural look.

To change your smile:
If patient is unhappy with current smile and wants to consider different treatment options to best solve their problem

If one or more of the considerations above are met, you can set an appointment with us to get advise and consult on your current condition. At #SmilewayDentalClinicMalaysia, we aim to aid you in selecting the best treatment for your condition.

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