● All teeth has root canals. Inside the canals contains nerve and blood vessels that gives live and sensation to teeth. The number, and anatomy of the root canals differs from tooth to tooth and also between individuals.
● Root canal treatment is to eliminate infection inside the root canals or pulp.
● It is usually used to save teeth and avoid extraction

1) What are the signs that root canal treatment is needed:
a. Severe toothache pain upon chewing and biting
b. Prolonged pain to hot or cold temperature (after the heat or cold has been removed)
c. Pain that radiates to the head and neck
d. Swelling at the nearby gums and teeth
e. Teeth that changes colour due to trauma

2) Why does tooth pulp need to be removed?
i. To eliminate pain
ii. To stop infection
iii. To reduce swelling and avoid swelling that may spread to other
areas of the face, neck, or neck.
iv. To avoid extracting the tooth, and save your teeth
v. Prevents jaw bone from being eaten up by bacteria

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