What is Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom tooth (molar tooth) is the last tooth to grow and usually starts erupting in the late teens or early twenties. Because the jawbone is growing, the jaw will be too small to accommodate the growth of molars. Due to this, the growth of molars can cause pain and discomfort and subsequently cause dental problems which facilitates the need to remove molars.

When is the right time to remove a wisdom tooth?

Dentists will usually recommend that your teeth be removed if they cause pain or infection, excessive tooth contact, or get stuck (impacted) and is unable to emerge from the gums.

The dentist will first take an X-ray, and check the general health of your mouth and the condition of your wisdom teeth. If the dentist detects a problem with your wisdom tooth, surgery may be recommended to remove it and eliminate or avoid uncomfortable symptoms. But if your molar tooth does not have any problems, usually the dentist will recommend leaving the tooth alone and not need removal.

Why does wisdom tooth need to be removed?

Wisdom teeth can cause serious problems and severe pain. If problems are detected with the development of your wisdom teeth, it is recommended that you remove them as soon as possible. Here are the most common reasons to remove your wisdom teeth.

  • Tooth Damage: If the molars are exposed and patient is unable to provide adequate care, saliva, bacteria and food can accumulate around it causing damage to the molars or the teeth next to it. This will cause a painful infection.
  • Gum Infection: If your teeth come out partially through the gums and the other half is still inside the gums, food waste and bacteria accumulated under the gums will result in bacterial infections. This can cause pain, swelling and bad breath. You may find it difficult to chew or open your mouth completely. The infection can spread to the cheeks and neck.
  • Stress / Pain: As the molar teeth develop, it can cause a lot of pressure on other teeth in the mouth as they try to make room. This can cause severe stress, pain, and can even cause other tooth wear. Even frequent cheek biting may occur.

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