Importance of taking X-ray

  • To uncover any underlying abnormalities of your teeth and surrounding structures when teeth appears clinically sound
  • To identify any fractures in the bone after patient suffered from trauma or excessive biting force
  • To determine size and severity of swelling accurately
  • To detect infections located in the bone and surrounding structures of teeth
  • To detect tooth decay hidden below sound tooth structure

Taking an X-rays helps dentist better identify the cause of infection and underlying problems which aids in selecting the best treatment option for your condition

Types of X-rays

IOPA (IntraOral Periapical Radiograph)

  • A localized X-ray which only records 1 or 2 teeth and its surrounding structure
  • Small area which is covered
  • Help identify abnormalities in a small area

OPG (OrthoPantomomogram)

  • X-ray which covers the whole mouth and its surrounding structures
  • Help identify multiple conditions of the oral cavity in a single picture
  • Covers all teeth and its surrounding structure
  • Can be used for a year or two until the next x-ray needs to be taken

Depending on your condition, the dentist will select the best X-ray required for you. At SmilewayDentalUSJ, we care about your teeth. 

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