Are you having Bleeding Gums? If you are, do not worry as most of the population out there today are suffereing from bleeding gums. In Smileway Dental we understand that most of the bleeding gums are treatable and the results for them are quite good. There are many reasons to bleeding gums, ranging from systemic disease to local diseases, but one of the main reasons is due to bacterial accumulation in our mouth which we will talk about in here.

Do you know, that are about 100 different species of bacterial in our mouth ranging from species of fungi, protozoa and viruses that can cause mouth related diseases. Thus there are more than 500 other organisms living now in our mouth and only some of them are being identify. But the good thing is that most of them are harmless and only a handful of them are actually causing us to have gum diseases.

Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sanguis are the most harmful bacterial in our mouth. They mostly thrive on our daily food especially sugars and carbohydrates. Not properly taking care of your oral hygiene can cause accumulation of bacterial and form plaque which in the future will cause problems like cavities and even gum bleeding. Not having your mouth clean properly will give the favourable environment in your mouth for these bacteria to form.

The bad news is that everyone has these bacteria in our mouth; unfortunately no matter how clean your mouth is, it is impossible to eliminate these bacteria. It is best to practice good oral hygiene so that we can keep these amounts of bacteria constantly low in our mouth, not having them be the ability to cause disease in our mouth. If our immune system cannot handle the amount of bacteria, then it will cause disease in our mouth. So the lesser the bacteria in our mouth, the more healthily your mouth will be to prevent bleeding gums.

After we eat and if not cleaned properly within 24 hours, plaque will start to form. And if not cleaned it will form tartar, a hard substance we call calculus. They are a bit yellow in color and usually can be found at the inner surface of your lower front teeth.

If those will to build up, you would need professional cleaning like Scaling & Polishing, as normal home oral hygiene cleaning will not be effective. If these calculi are not removed, bacteria will start to grown rapidly and our gums will start to swell. This is because our immune system has a reaction to fight off these bacteria causing inflammation. In result this will cause our gums to bleed even with the slightest irritation. This disease is called Gingivitis, and it is very popular amount the population.

If the disease progresses and are not treated, it will cause Periodontitis, where there is a permanent damage to our bones and gums surrounding our teeth, and treatment for periodontitis maybe more challenging.

The result in treating gingivitis is very good, however if the disease progresses there may be permanent damage and sometimes it maybe unrestorable. It is better to treat the disease in an early stage than waiting.

There are other factors that can cause gum bleeding due to plaque and calculus, like the type of medication you are taking, malnutrition, other systemic factors, or even pregnancy. There are others like trauma to your gums due to sharp objects, or disease like viral, fungal or genetic origin. In Smileway Dental we recommend best to visit your dentist immediately if you are having bleeding gums as your Dental Doctor or other Medical Practitioners will be able to diagnose your problem.​​

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